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Welcome to the San Diego Pediatric Dental Group. Our practice has been caring for the families of San Diego since 1970, and in our current location since 1988. We are proud to be the leader in Pediatric Dentistry in San Diego, and recognized as one of the top practices in the country.
The San Diego Pediatric Dental Group offers every aspect of dentistry to care for all of your dental needs; Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics for children and adults, as well as General and Cosmetic Dentistry. This unique situation allows us to care for you and your families from infancy throughout adulthood.

The team

Stephen T. Finger

Stephen T. Finger


Dr. Stephen Finger received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine Degree from Washington University, School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis, MO. He enjoys swimming, gardening, spending time with his wife Susan and their three cats.

    Kimberly D. Sauer

    Kimberly D. Sauer


    Dr. Kim Sauer received her Doctor of Dental Science Degree from University of Missouri, Kansas City. She is a Senior Staff member at Rady Children’s Hospital and is proud to have served our country as a Dental Officer in the U.S. Navy. When not at work, she devotes her time to raising her five children, staying active with their interests and sports. When time allows, Dr. Sauer enjoys hiking, camping, and water sports.

      Caring for the Families of San Diego Since 1970

      1st Visit

      Below are links to important forms you may need to fill out. Please open the form you want to fill out, print and fill it out. When you have finished, bring the completed form with you, or fax it to (858) 452-0657.


      Dr Dixon Pediatric Dentistry
      5627 Oberlin Dr. Suite #100
      San Diego, CA 92121

      Your child's first visit to our office

      We are often asked when is the best time for a child to see the dentist for the first time. We love to see children before problems arise, when we can still start them on a path to be cavity free. In the state of California 50% of all kids entering kindergarten already have at least one cavity or filling, and it goes up to 66% by third grade. We don’t want our patients to suffer early childhood cavities.

      We agree with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics in recommending a first visit to the dentist when the child gets their first tooth or by their first birthday.

      Your child’s first visit will hopefully teach you and your family many vital things so that they may grow up cavity free and have a positive dental outlook. During your first visit we will help you with:

      • Recommendations for a healthy diet
      • Instructions on how to keep your child’s mouth clean and healthy
      • Guidance on the use of fluoride in children
      • Trauma prevention and treatment
      • Tips on teething and sucking habits (thumbs/pacifiers/fingers)

      If you have any questions about this information, please contact our office to request an appointment, talk with our office staff, or send us a question via email.

      Before the visit

      We look forward to guiding your family through their early experiences in dentistry.

      Please give us the best opportunity to start your child’s experiences off in the most beneficial way by talking to them about their upcoming visit in a very positive manner.

      When we talk to your child about their exam we will use words that are comforting to them such as:

      “Tooth Counter” for our explorer

      “Flashlight” for our dental mirror and light

      “Pictures” for any needed xrays

      “Toothbrush” for the cleaning instruments

      If you can help us by using positive words about the visit we would really appreciate it. Please avoid using words with a negative connotation such as needle, drill, shot, pull, hurt or similar. Children a very impressionable, and the language you present to them about their visit will go a long way in determining if we will have a successful appointment.

      Thank you!

      Welcome to Our Office


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