Before & After

Healthy Smiles

Use the photo slider (center photo) to compare before and after. Our meticulous attention to detail with restorative dental treatment creates beautiful results. Here at San Diego Pediatric Dental Group, we take pride in creating healthy smiles for our patients. Chipped and fractured teeth are no match for our dentists! Check out this before and after photo… even the most damaged teeth can be restored by our skilled care.

Treatment of Large Decay

This patient presented to our office for fillings in many teeth under sedation. We were able to restore the decay and return the child to a healthy happy smile.

Trauma Patient

This child hit his tooth on the side of the pool while playing with friends. We were able to restore the teeth and get him back in the pool by the end of the day.

Trauma Patient

This child fell at school and fractured her two permanent front teeth. We were able to restore the fractures the same day as the trauma and she returned to school the next day

ICON Tooth Color Correction

This patient was concerned with some natural white spots on her teeth. We were able to help her even out the colors of her front teeth without fillings or drilling.